artsNantucket – Summer 2016

View Actual Article Judith Brust transforms found objects into magnificent monoprints, one-of-a-kind colorful abstract pieces that suggest plant life, windows, planets and life cycles. With her background in classical illustration and in building sculptures using found objects, she approaches her artworks meditatively and spiritually. Regarding the spiritual aspects of her work, she refers to the writings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell; while artists Mark Rothko, Paul Klee and Louise Bourgeois inspire her shapes, forms and choice of color. To view Brust’s large, colorful monoprints is to observe art pieces with organic, biomorphic and circular forms. Within each art [...]

Judith Brust – artist profile in artsNantucket

by Arlene O'Reilly I met Judith Brust ten years ago. Upon introduction, she informed me that she was an artist. During the ensuing conversation, I asked her to describe her style. She said, “My work is about the life cycle; journey, religion and ritual, generational passage, and the map of life.” That had to be one of the best elevator pitches I have ever heard! I was immediately intrigued by her. In watching this artist work, at first glance one might think she is simply playing with colors, “dinking” around with objects from nature and seeing what shapes magically [...]

The Spirit in Art, The Gallery at Four India

Kathleen Knight, owner of The Gallery at Four India Street, discovered a peculiar coincidence when selecting artists for her new exhibition. Without any prior knowledge of either artist, Kathleen was drawn to Richard Hagerty and Joseph Conrad-Ferm’s work. She says, “I was attracted to them because of their backgrounds without knowing their backgrounds.” The common ground between the artists was revealed to be their medical careers, which each had channeled in his paintings. Art is often spoken of as a healing process whereby the artist has freedom to turn to the canvas as a means of catharsis. This notion [...]